Are you interested in working from home?

  • Maybe you've always wanted to be your own boss, but you have no clue where to start
  • Or, perhaps you're tired of having someone else tell you what to do
  • Do you hate ...
  • leaving the house in nasty weather
  • missing your kids’ childhoods
  • dealing with catty coworkers and micromanaging bosses
  • just feeling like you never have time for you

Introducing QUEST...

QUEST is an online self-employment program EXCLUSIVELY for the members of my team. Not only will you get the usual network marketing training for being a part of the company, you will also get my personalized system, training you for your calling.

I help my teammates to:

  • understand who they were uniquely created to be
  • dream about what they’d like to do in the future
  • craft a plan to bring that dream to life
  • learn the skills needed to become a successful online entrepreneur

My teammates have the choice to get personal, one-on-one coaching from me, once-a-week, to help them dig into their identity and purpose.

I believe we all have a unique calling to fulfill, here on earth. I also believe that we should never rely solely on a network marketing company as our only business, because it’s not your own, and if they shut down, you’ll be left hanging. 

As such, I’ve combined my business start-up coaching with my network marketing training, and made it only available to those on my team. I wanted to equip my gals to be successful not only in network marketing, but also in whatever else they choose to pursue.

Team Brazen

BRAZEN [Adj.]: “…bold and without shame; behaving with apparent confidence”.

I am training my team to be bold & confident, to thrive, and to feel empowered.

Team Brazen is different because we don’t do the old-school methods, like making a list of 100 people, cold-messaging, or chasing friends and family for sales. Instead, we approach network marketing as a business, and we go about things professionally and with authenticity. 

Not only that, but we have fun in the process! 

  • uncover your ideal audience
  • brand yourself so that you stand out and aren’t just another “me, too” network marketer
  • learn to put out content in such a way that your ideal customers & recruits are instinctively drawn to you
  • avoid becoming a “drive-by” sponsor by learning to nurture your team members, & get them started right
  • get training on operating an online business (eg. setting up a website & email list, creating content, etc.)
  • learn a simple system for sales that leaves both parties feeling good, & doesn’t leave you feeling like a salesperson
  • discover how to sort through prospects, and identify who to release, & who to continue following up with
  • make a difference in others’ lives
  • travel (earn company trips that are all-expenses paid)
  • control your income through your own efforts
  • set your own schedule
  • choose whether or not you want to build a team, and take on a leadership role (this isn’t required)
  • give back (company trips include a service day)
  • gain entrepreneurial skills that will serve you in any venture you choose to pursue
  • change your family’s legacy, and provide for your future generations
  • become part of a community of positive, optimistic individuals who are all striving to live better, more intentional lives
  • be your own boss, but never have to go it alone
  • find others just like you!

QUEST is perfect for women who:

  • love meeting new people (even just online)
  • care about clean living and health & wellness
  • are looking to add extra income to their household
  • are positive and optimistic
  • will put forth the time and effort to learn what it takes to work from home
  • are coachable (able to take advice from others)
  • are willing to make sacrifices now in order to have more time-freedom and financial freedom, down the road (they understand that building a business takes time)
  • want to make an impact
  • are looking to grow, personally & professionally

Hey, there! I’m Jenn, and I’ve been part of the network marketing (and direct sales) profession, on and off, for over 18 years. I’ve been a part of six different companies in my quest to find the right fit for me, and I’ve been studying the profession, as a whole, since 2017.

I truly believe that people can change their lives and legacies through network marketing. The key, though, is being willing to learn the proper skills, and to act professionally (so that you don’t come off as a slimy salesperson — for example, no cold-messaging and no seeing anyone and everyone as a potential sale).

Benefits of the company I'm with:

  • there's zero inventory to purchase and keep on hand
  • Clean Living, eco-friendly product lines include Health & Wellness, Household, and Personal Care
  • there are a ton of products to choose from, and they're reasonably priced
  • you don’t have to do any “home parties” -- everything is done online
  • you can earn based solely on selling products; no need to recruit if you don't want to
  • the systems for how you share are super simple
  • there’s a TON of training
  • there's a built-in referral system, so your customers can earn perks, too!
  • the compensation plan is the best I've seen, so far
  • positive, optimistic company culture

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The greatest part of owning your own business is that you get to decide just how little or how much you put into this. 

Now, obviously, the more time you are able to find for this, the faster and further you’ll go.

Anything worth doing always requires at least some level of sacrifice. The question is, would you rather sacrifice some extras now in order to build your dreams, or will you put things off in the hopes that you’ll be able to do it later?

(Note: I’d recommend setting aside at least 5-10 hours per week… however, I can teach you to fit this into the small pockets of time, here and there … like my friend Sarah did. Sarah is a mom of 3 kids, and was building her biz while working a full-time job, and going back to school for her special education teacher’s degree! If she can do it, so can you!)

All entrepreneurs are salespeople. If there are no sales, then there is no “business” — no profit. 

So, if you are truly wanting to be an entrepreneur, you will need to get comfortable with sales.

However, the good news is that I’ve learned — and will teach you — methods for selling that eliminate the “ick” factor, and don’t have you pressuring anyone. You will learn to discover people’s needs, and then meet those needs through an authentic method of questioning, listening, and then providing solutions where appropriate.

My MLM company’s start-up kit is $29.99 USD ($39.99 CDN). If you wish to also grab some products so you can try them out, the price will vary from there.

The QUEST program, however, comes at no extra cost.

Usually, if you want to hire a business coach, you’ll need to spend $500+ (sometimes per month!).

Instead, QUEST allows you to test and refine your own ideas, while you’re learning the skills you need to become a successful online entrepreneur. 

Network Marketing is a business model where people (called distributors, or reps) partner with a company whose products they enjoy, and then recommend those products to others using a unique link. And when people buy products through that link, we receive a small commission (at no extra cost to the buyer). Basically, “it’s a business-in-a-box that supplies everything you need to get started ASAP” [source].

The company I have partnered with abides by the Code of Ethics set out by the Direct Sellers Association (DSA), and the rules of the FTC. They also were finalists in the DSA’s Top 100 list of companies.

I made sure to do my due diligence before choosing which company to partner with [see my story, here]. If you’d like more information, just ask, and I’d be happy to share.

(* learn more about network marketing, here)

Want to Join the Team?

Click the Apply Now button, and fill out the attached questionnaire to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

I’ll be in touch within 24 hours (or on the next business day), to set up a time to chat.

Please note that I only work closely with 5-6 women at one time so as to give everyone my focused attention, and get each one started off right.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask — I’d be happy to answer anything you’d like to know.