When you think about LIVING FREE, what pictures pop into your mind? What does it look like for you?

Do you believe God desires for you to live free? … without shame or condemnation? …without anxiety & fear? … without insecurity or discouragement? 

Whether you’ve already started to live the wild & free life, or you desperately want the freedom to do so, THE LIBERTY CODE monthly membership is a community of Jesus-girls who believe in freedom over fear, and life to the fullest over rigid demands and expectations.

Come explore the truths of who God created you to be, and what He’s got planned for you!

THE LIBERTY CODE is a training ground for you to…

  • discover the unique calling God has for you
  • remember who God created you to be
  • overcome the lies & limits that hold you back
  • practice living WILD & FREE in community with other women
  • release the burden of expectations and shoulds & try harder and do more

Included in Your Membership...

  • a weekly resource to help you take action and move forward with your life's purpose
  • monthly live group Q&A calls to get your questions answered, and get feedback on your progress
  • a step-by-step path for breaking free of the limits and exploring your identity and purpose
  • monthly downloadable resources to help you get clarity & gain confidence around your calling
  • 1:1 mentorship, guidance, support, and encouragement from me
  • a private Facebook community
  • training on how to start your own business (should you be interested in this)


Sherrisse J.

Jenn is a great listener and gives great insight. The resources she provided were spot on for my needs, and I had so many 'aha' moments from her coaching.

Chelsea S.

Jenn is great at listening and helping lead you to the answer that was in your heart all along. She has a great deal of experience going through the problems that new entrepreneurs face, and has a library of resources at her disposal that she's always willing to share. I think what she helped me most with is my self-confidence and understanding that I can pursue the business I'm growing.

Colleen O.

Jenn was so helpful! Can't recommend her enough!