Always wanted to start your own business? Here's how you can do so with little risk, and a very small investment...

Hey there! Thanks for being willing to take a look at this opportunity!

On this page, I’m going to share with you the benefits of starting your own business, and why it could completely change your life. 

I’ve included some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and testimonials from others who are in the same business that I’m a part of.

I’ve also got a list of things you want to be aware of when choosing a Network Marketing company. You can grab that right here

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Now, without further ado, let me show you why I love this industry so much — Kate McShea sums it up well  (1:27)…


  • Residual Income
  • Time Freedom
  • All-Expenses-Paid Vacations
  • Opportunities to Give Back
  • No home parties
  • No need to keep inventory
  • All training provided
  • Low-Risk


First, what’s your previous experience with it? What has left you wary?

Would you be willing to let me show you why maybe what you’ve seen isn’t how it’s supposed to be? And how it can actually be a legitimate (and amazing) business model?

After all…

There are NO home parties to host.

There is NO inventory required to purchase and/or stock.

There will be NO cold-calling or messaging strangers.

You won’t be “pushing” your products on anyone, or spamming your stuff all over the place — I teach my team to do things differently… in a way that feels genuine, authentic, and attracts those who have a real interest in our products or business opportunity.

I hate being pushy! That’s not how I roll, so that’s not what I teach my team, either.

Instead, I’m going to teach you about something called Attraction Marketing, where you simply share what you love — both about the products and business, and about your own personal interests — and thereby attract the people who are the right fit for you (customers, or teammates). 

In my team, we don’t “make a list of 100 people”, or cold message anyone to get them to try our stuff. Nope. We do things differently. We’re all about being authentic & real, and treating others how we, ourselves, would want to be treated.

First off, do you like people? Do you make friends easily? Do you genuinely care about others’ well-being and want to help?

Then you CAN do this!

In fact, some of the BEST network marketers are introverts!

I’m an introvert, actually, myself. I get really drained by having to be “on”, all of the time. Which is part of why I love working online!

Because we work completely online, and have the ability to reach people in 30 different countries, you’re not going to run out of people to talk to.

I will help you learn how to find new people, without being spammy.

Great news! If you can spare just one hour a day — even if that’s broken up into 15 minutes here, and 20 minutes there, etc. (eg. while waiting in line somewhere ), then you can TOTALLY make this work for you! … maybe you could give up a TV show or two? You only need your phone (or computer) and a wi-fi connection.

All of my company’s “income-producing activities” fit within ONE hour! Those include engaging with your community, sharing your story, personal development, and just living your life!

The most successful network marketers are actually very busy people! Yet, they’ve learned how to make time for what’s most important to them!

I could list off a whole bunch of our reps who have worked full-time jobs, and cared for their young children, yet still managed to be successful with this.

The beauty of joining my team is that you are never left to completely fend for yourself. You have your own business, yes, but you also have my complete support and guidance.

I will teach you what I have learned, and there is also a ton of training provided by the company. So you won’t be winging it.

You’ll, instead, learn everything you need to know to build a business that you love, that’s meaningful, and that can change your family’s legacy.

Wouldn’t you love to be more of a tough cookie, that can handle anything that’s thrown at her? 

I’ll teach you how to build this skill, while remaining polite and respectful. Trust me. You can do this. 

Describe what a “leader” looks like to you …

What makes you believe that YOU don’t have what it takes to become that … to build the skills, and attain those qualities?

Leadership is a skill that can be learned. 

Besides, as I’ve mentioned already, you’d have me as your guide & support, plus the training from our company, and you’d be working on your own personal development. 

You need only be willing to learn, and then anything is possible.

  1. Pyramid schemes are ILLEGAL… and they are based on money-only exchanges. There are no physical products involved. My company, on the other hand, has products that its reps help promote & sell, as well as use themselves.
  2. My company is certified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and also by the Direct Sellers Association (DSA).
  3. This organization is filled with some of the happiest, most upbeat, and encouraging individuals you will ever meet! It’s a company filled with positivity! And, so many people will tell you that this opportunity has completely changed their lives for the better, as well as their families’ legacies. There are many, many “rags-to-riches” stories.
  4. Yes, network marketing does tend to get a bad reputation … mainly from those who join but are not trained in how to go about things correctly (which is part of what inspired me to start this blog!). On my team, you are NOT going to be asked to cold-message anyone, or spam your friends and family. Instead, I use the attraction marketing method, where you let others come to you, based on their own needs and timing. I prefer to be authentic in all I do, and the old-style way of “making a list of 100 people” did not work for me!
  5. My company is somewhat “ground-level”, as it’s only been in the Americas for about 4 years. However, it also has a “legacy” or “parent” company that’s been around for 30+ years. So, its leaders know what they’re doing, and isn’t going anywhere (but up!).


"I just wanted to tell you guys that you see people in this industry, and you see them on Facebook, and you hear them selling their stuff, and doing that 'side-hustle'... and you just don't think that people REALLY succeed, and really make money... So, I just HAD to tell you that I'm here on this all-expenses paid trip with 20 people from my team, they're all making money... and I legitimately made more for the month of May than I made for an entire year when I worked a 9-to-5... You know, you see these people, and you don't think this stuff is real... and sometimes even I don't feel like it's real ... like when I showed up to this amazing suite, and I thought, 'who am I to deserve this?!... I'm just a red-neck girl from Maryland, and one of 6 kids, and we had a really hard time growing up, and life hasn't always been easy', you know? I don't always feel deserving of this kind of stuff... So, if you've ever thought about it, you should look into this industry, because literally, it could change everything."
Amber D.
"Both honored by and proud of a friend of mine who could have replaced her mortgage this month with her side biz commissions but instead is looking to replace 2 appliances for another friend whose child is going through Cancer treatments... THIS is why we do what we do... so we can do things like THAT!"
Cristie J.
"It’s moments like this I’m grateful I took the $39 risk... It’s easy to turn your WHY into your excuse... We all have full plates. We all have at least ONE reason we don’t have time to do something. But today I will do what others won’t so one day I can live like others can’t... My son isn't an excuse, he is my REASON."
Kayla S.
"In 6 days I’ll be squeezing two friends, with tears streaming down, as we celebrate our FREE trip to Mexico together.... See, this crazy biz has led me to the most amazing people I wouldn’t have known, had it not been for social media... We have lost weight together... We’ve had some crazy-amazing memories together: traveling, face times, etc... We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve supported each other so hard through the past 5 years, that I cannot imagine life without them!"
Bobbi-Jo N.

There’s more, below… 

I am a representative for a well-known health & wellness company, that offers workouts, nutrition, and other health-related products. 

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